I’m going to be flying from London Heathrow to Tokyo Haneda on Japanese Airlines Flight 44. Here’s some pictures of the airports:

London Heathrow – we flew from T2 to Canada, and Mummy & Daddy went from T4 many years ago to Canada, but Daddy is going from T3 this time. He was meant to be flying with British Airways but their pilots decided to have a lazy day and lie around doing nothing so I had to get the Japanese Airline flight.

Image result for T3 LHRImage result for LHR overhead image


This is Tokyo Haneda – you can see Mt Fuji in the background, does it remind you of Tenerife?

Image result for haneda airport


Here is a picture of the sort of plane Daddy is going to be flying on – it’s the same sort of plane we went to Vancouver on, but with different Airline. Try to guess which design the plane I fly on will have and I’ll post you a picture of the¬†plane when I can!

it’s a very long flight, about 12 hours, and I’m taking off about the time you will be going to bed, but maybe Mummy will let you track the flight at first in the links below. If you don’t get time then the bottom link allows you to play back the route my plane took :)

Track my flight #1

Track my flight #2

Where did I fly? (use playback)


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